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June 14, 2010
First single "Heart Full Of Pentagons" from Fission now available for free!

The first single off Fission is now streaming on AOL Spinner, along with a free download! Check it -

May 5, 2010
New album Fission coming out July 20th, 2010!!

Yes, it's true, Film School will be releasing it's 4th LP called Fission this summer. Be on the lookout for special treats and track releases that will be made available to you, our fans, first! For full access to all these goodies and info coming up, please add the band on Facebook if you haven't already!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010
FS on 90210

"Go Down Together" will be featured tonight Tuesday, March 23rd 2010 on the show 90210 (Ep# 039).

Link to show's site:

"Go Down Together" is from the album Hideout
Listen here:

The band is currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on the new full length album, which should see the light of day sometime this spring. Stay tuned!

Monday, March 24, 2008

"If you wanted a demonstration in sound sculpture then Spaceland was the place to be Thursday night. Both Film School and Airiel melted the paint off the walls with layers of distorted reverb and thundering bass riffs. "


March 20, 2008

Rachel Ray hosted a party.
Perez Hilton hosted a party.
Playboy hosted a party.

Yeah, it’s finally done.

But we have to say we had a damn good time and want to thank all FS fans who came out to see us at one of the 7 shows. And thanks to Hot Freaks, Little Radio, NoisePop, WOXY,, SFxSXSW and BayArea Takeover for having the band play your parties/sessions/drunktanks.

We saw many amazing performances, some of our favorites were:

Holy Fuck at The Beauty Bar (the Rachel Ray party - lol)
Darker My Love at BD Riley’s
A Place To Bury Strangers at Wave Bar
The Duke Spirit at Buffalo Billards
The Breeders in the park
Rogue Wave at the Little Radio/ NoisePop party at Red Eye Fly
Experimental Aircraft at The Thirsty Nickle
... many more

Some blog coverage of Film School at SXSW:



7 X 7


(broadcast archive of our WOXY performance at SXSW)




(a journal of someone who got so drunk they don’t remember being at or seeing the FS show)

13 Mar 2008

It has been confirmed: Film School will in fact rock you in 2008.

From AOL Spinner’s "They will rock you in 2008" list, artist 12:

"The Deal: One of the most successful bands to translate the species known as shoegaze in the 21st century, this Los Angeles-based troupe combines ethereal vocals with swirling guitars to create songs that are nothing short of transporting."

07 Mar 2008

Film School gets the presidential treatment and Lorelei confesses love for Abraham Lincoln after their show with The Pity Party at Spaceland in Los Angeles. Check it...


Greg is the cover interview + centerfold spread ... ??? ... read more:

28 Feb 2008

Hello friends, we're happy to announce Film School will be touring through the south with British Sea Power! And fans in Florida who have been requesting shows, it's finally gonna happen! Film School will be playing shows in Florida for the first time - 3 dates have been announced. Check the MySpace listing for all dates and venues.

More shows announced soon, including east coast and mid-west shows.
- The Skulls

26 Feb 2008

Amateur Chemist reviewed our Spaceland show in LA with The Pity Party, What Made Milwaukee Famous and Ladies And Gentlemen

Thanks for everyone who came out, good Monday fun! Cya in March at our show with Airiel.

17 Feb 2008

Fans of T.V. will be pleased to hear that "Two Kinds" as well as "Dear Me" will be featured on two different episodes of Kyle XY.

The first, episode 218, featured "Two Kinds" and has already happened. (insert sad face) You may be able to catch repeats of this episode. But if you want to catch a first time showing, episode 221 of Kyle XY will feature the song "Dear Me". You can catch the show on MARCH 4th.

Both of these songs are on our most recent album Hideout, available here for purchase, or online at iTunes.


06 Feb 2008
Results in: Hideout 4 in LA reader poll

thanks for voting! here are all the results of the LA Record reader poll:

14 Jan 2008
Hideout nominated for LA Record top album - vote!

Hideout has been nominated for LA Records' reader poll top 10 albums of 2007. Go vote for us here:


04 Jan 2008
Prefix magazine video interview

Prefix Magazine has posted a video interview with Greg and Dave before a Mercury Lounge show in NYC last October. Check it:

24 Dec 2007
My Old Kentucky interview

Greg and Dave were interviewed by Dodge of the revered My Old Kentucky blog, check it out:

The interview:

Film School's Hideout seemed to be a very polarizing album. Their shoegazey, uber-textured "space rock" made it's way onto many a Best Of 2007 year-end lists, but some took issue. Pitchfork argued, that pacing and sequencing were issues and it may have been overly academic for some. I don't know, if it's too academic for Pitchfork, I feel pretty smart. Just kidding, just kidding. No, I get it, but to me, the record is just good atmospheric, guitar-driven rock.

MOKB : How was 2007 for you musically and personally? Look back on Hideout, which is being considered by many as one of the better albums of 2007.

Greg Bertens : A lot better than 2006! I went through a bunch of important changes at the end of 2006/start of 2007, both with the band and personally, which I feel made 2007 a whole lot better. There were many great albums that came out this past year so that's pretty cool to hear about Hideout.

MOKB : Any musical plans for the 2007 holiday season?

Dave Dupuis : A basement in New Hampshire with a delay pedal, a reverb pedal and my new macbook.

Greg Bertens : Like going to see the Nutcracker? No, no musicals. Probably digging in to Logic with a friend and playing some Guitar Hero.

MOKB : What have been your most and least favorite things about the last two years?

Greg Bertens : Least favorite = the Bush administration, touring in 2006. Most favorite = touring in 2007, the news that MBV & Swervedriver will be playing in 2008.

Dave Dupuis : Least favorite = war/Bush/how expensive it is to eat in London. Most favorite = How good it feels to get back to California after a long tour

MOKB : Where is the best and worst place to eat while touring?

Dave Dupuis : TEXAS...the best and the worst!

Greg Bertens : Funny you should ask. I don't know why, but I ended up writing about tour food on a blog this past US tour. A couple highlights were deep-fried PB&J with powdered sugar in Cleveland: (pic missing)

And corn at Cafe Habana's in NYC: (pic missing)

The worst was pumpkin curry in Minneapolis: (pic missing)

MOKB : What's the worst rock n roll injury you've sustained over that time?

Greg Bertens : Getting jumped behind the club in Columbus, Ohio after a show.

Dave Dupuis : I'm slowly going deaf, does that count?

MOKB : Give my your top three hometown hotspots.

Greg Bertens : Los Angeles - Pazzo gelato on Sunset, Silverlake Lounge, the golf range in Griffith Park.

Dave Dupuis : Los Angeles - Tacos Delta, El Gran Burrito, The Churro Truck next to where Sea Level Records used to be.

MOKB : What's the best piece of free you received over the last two years?

Greg Bertens : Ha, what exactly do you mean? Sounds like a question best left for Motley Crue.

Dave Dupuis : Can a kiss count?

MOKB : What weather event most terrifies you? (hurricane, snowstorm, earthquake, forest fire, tsunami, etc...)

Greg Bertens : Earthquake (while on an underground train)

Dave Dupuis : A rogue tidal wave

MOKB : What do you want for (Christmas/Hanukkah/Insert Your Holiday) this year?

Greg Bertens : For Halloween and Easter to be combined.

Dave Dupuis : A surprise!

MOKB : What's your best holiday memory?

Greg Bertens : I'm going to see my first niece today!

Dave Dupuis : A New Year's Eve in Paris, drunk with oddly attractive French women.

MOKB : Give me your best holiday get-away.

Greg Bertens : Being at home when everyone else has left for the holiday.

Dave Dupuis : A New Year's Eve in Paris, drunk with oddly attractive French women.

MOKB : You're snowed-in, who do you want to be stuck with you?

Greg Bertens : All 6 million World of Warcraft players.

Dave Dupuis : A litter of warm quiet puppies

MOKB : What's the best gift to buy for that special someone this holiday season?

Greg Bertens : A book called "Listography"

Dave Dupuis : This year my girlfriend will get a Death By Audio interstellar overdrive pedal.

Saturday, October 11, 2007

Saturday, October 6, 2007
North American fall tour about to begin!

Can't wait to get out and play these shows for our fans! You can follow the tour on our blogspot -- Come to the merch table and speak the passphrase "film skull" and receive a very special treat. Also, be sure to visit our MySpace page as we update that page more frequently. Looking forward to seeing you at the shows!

Thursday, September 20, 2007
Great release week!

THANKS TO ALL OUR NEW FRIENDS! We've been crazy busy these past few weeks on MySpace with the record release and being a featured artist. We tried to respond to all your friend requests and messages, not so easy. If we didn't, know we appreciate your messages and friend requests and thanks for your support!

NEW PICS! Cool seeing everyone at the Treasure Island Music Festival in San Francisco this past weekend... there were over 10,000 people there on Sunday! And thanks to fans who came to our secret show at the Hemlock Tavern with The Blacks. We posted fan pics in our "Fan Pics" area on our MySpace page as well as our website. Also, is featuring two videos from our TIMF set

October 13th, Bottom of the Hill SF w/The Morning Benders & Eulogies and DJ Elise from Soma FM spinning between sets
October 13th, Amoeba Records Berkeley, CA, 2pm, free and all ages show

More all ages/ free record store shows to be announced for our tour, stay tuned!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

We're inviting fans to take a crack at a trailer for the album Hideout.
Here's the idea: Every great movie starts with a great trailer. We're looking for fans to create a video trailer for our new album "Hideout". For more info on how this works, check it out:

The winner takes home a SONY DV CAMERA and we will show your trailer before our show when we're playing in your town!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007
Hi, so we're all pretty damn excited about the release of our album today! Thanks to our fans for your support, it's appreciated. :)

Here's some info about the record:

Engineered by Dan Long, Mixed by Phil Ek, Mastered by John Golden, Produced by Greg Bertens, Artwork by Studio Play Pretend.

Recorded in Kingsize Studios, Los Angeles, CA, Red Rockets Glare, Los Angeles, CA, The Annex, Menlo Park, CA and Greg's apartment, Los Angeles, CA.

Guest players on Hideout include Nyles Lannon, Colm O'Ciosoig, Leah Piehl, Paul Wilson, and Tracy Uba.

You can read more about the band and the record, as well as how to purchase it here: Beggars

Thursday, September 6, 2007
Stream "Hideout" is premiering "Hideout" this week and Film School is getting an extra bit of love on the Indie Hub.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007
Two songs featured recently on some cool radio shows

Aaron Axelsen, music director at Live 105 in San Francisco, debuted "Sick Hipster Nursed By Suicide Girl" and "Two Kinds" on his show "Soundcheck." And today these two songs were also added to one of our favorite radio shows called "Big Sonic Heaven" with Darren Revell. It's a weekday show featuring ethereal dreampop, shoegaze, synthpop, etc..


Here's for info about these shows:
request line: 877.900.1031
request line: 1.800.696.1053

Thursday, August 16, 2007
Both prerelease shows sold out!

Thanks to everyone who came out to our San Francisco and Los Angeles prerelease shows for Hideout! Great to finally get a chance to play some of these new songs for you and see some familiar faces. Thanks to Filter Magazine for presenting the shows, and Pela and Union/Downtown and The Downtown Union and Spaceland and Bottom of the Hill..... More dates to come soon!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007
New songs!


we know we've been talking about the new songs and album for a while now and haven't given you any proof that it actually exists. soooo, thanks for your patience. we posted two songs today, 'plots and plans' and 'lectric', hope you enjoy them. we'll be playing a couple pre-release shows on the west coast for the album in august and will be announcing a full US tour soon.

if you'd like to preorder the album go here:

thanks to all our fans for your support, you guys rule.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007
New album: Hideout

Yes, it's true. As posted today on Pitchfork, our new album is complete and will be coming out September 11th (omg! sept 11th!).

The new album title is "Hideout", here's the track listing:

01 Dear Me
02 Lectric
03 Meanmedian Mode
04 Sick Hipster Nursed by Suicide Girl
05 Must Try Easier
06 Two Kinds
07 Capitalized I
08 Go Down Together
09 Compare
10 Florida
11 Blizzard Scout
12 Plots and Plans
13 What I Meant to Say

We'll be posting some pre-release tour dates soon, as well as clips from the new album. Also, there are new pics in the photo area from the recordings. Can't wait to get out and play some shows, stay tuned!

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